The Beginning of a New Media Adventure

Welcome to my blog, my name is Yi Liu and I am a journalism graduate student at the University of Florida. You can also call me Eva. I am from Wuhan, China, and I have only been in America for two months.

I achieved my bachelor’s degree in Radio and Television Science at Central China Normal University and got three interns during my school life. I was also assigned as a guide teacher for a student group in my senior year to build the official English website for my university.

Everything here in America is new to me, as well as the class MMC6612-New Media and Democratic Society. The weekly blog can really be a good way for me to practice writing and polish my skills as a mature media worker.

I am really excited to learn new things and share my views here!

You can  find me on Twitter at@Yi Liu and feel free to reach out at Glad to hear from you!



4 Comments Add yours

  1. Hi, Yi.

    You need to change the blog language to ENGLISH, because the others in the class (including me) can’t read the Chinese characters on the blog buttons, etc.


    1. Yi Liu says:

      ok, I am working on this problem right now !


    2. Yi Liu says:

      Hi Mindy,
      I have fixed this problem. Thanks for watching my blog!


  2. I’m excited to get to know you!


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