Internet and Democracy among Young people and Journalism Obligations

Ekstrom points out in Research on Media and Democracy that two disparate attitudes exist on young people and their relations to politics. The pessimistic idea suggests that young people do not participate enough in politics and are not familiar with political environment. They spend much time on entertainment and consumption instead of political affairs. On the contrary, optimists stress opportunities for new forms of democratic involvement and public debates.

In my perspective, I agree with Ekstrom that the political environment itself is changing and young people are growing in a democratic and engaging way that is  more empirical than simply learn how to participate in politics. I read an article called New Visibility by John B. Thompson ( ), which concludes three reasons for a prevalence of scandal reporting in political journalism.

Young people may also feel a trend of scandal reporting in political area. Advanced techniques make it possible for public to unveil the hidden reality and get closer to those famous people and political leaders. The essence of politics does not change and the leaders do not present a worse moral behavior than before. It is the new media that disclose a mysterious life of people who used to be far from their subjects. Therefore, changes appear in communication and surveillance technologies, journalism and political culture lead to a new form for young people to participate in politics.

Instead of blindly follow some political leaders by their obscure announcement, young people seems less interested in choosing a side and voting for a certain political party. In the flow of mass information, young people grow up with picky eyes to deal with them. They learn to find out what they need and scrutinize news with experienced sense.

Young people have more space and platform to express their opinions and show their values. At the same time, they stretch out information under new visibility. I believe a tendency of democracy is in practice under such circumstance.

While information emerge in huge amount every day, journalists should take responsibilities of providing useful and valuable news.should also keep in mind their obligations when using the Internet. Except from Barger and Barney(2013) defined that journalism’s moral obligations of facilitate and engage, journalist in real industry also says that providing the truth and well organize their news are of great importance.                           ( )

After all, they make a living on journalism, they should obey professional obligations in return.


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  1. I somewhat agree with you that young people seem less interested in voting for a certain political party. From what I see on Twitter, millennials are more likely to mock politics than fight for a specific leader. The most support I saw, for any candidate this election season, was for Bernie Sanders. Millennials agreed with him because his issues struck a chord with their own personal beliefs. Issues such as free education and civil rights caught the public eye and were radically different from the stances of other candidates. I cannot speak for all young people but, for the most part, I would say that we are a more tolerant generation. For this reason, we want a tolerant leader. If we do not see one, we do not want to support anybody else.


    1. Good comments. When you said people “feel uncomfortable to learn opposite opinions,” I thought about how hard we work to have comfort. You’re right. We all try to avoid anything that is unpleasant. And yet, if change is going to come and improve the world, we will have to look at unpleasant things and think about them too.


  2. Young people now are the mainstream on the new media. They are energic and easy to accept and learn new things. However, sometimes they are rebellious. You can not force them to do something. That may cause different result which you don’t predict. Therefore, That the reveal of political people’ private life on the new media is a good approach for young people to participate in the political area. Even though they may not actually vote for someone, not actually care about which person is the next president. Paying some attention to some news about the political leader’s life is the first step for them to get into it. It is a good beginning.

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