Remix: What is love like in Hollywood movies

It is a remix of the romantic scenes in Hollywood movies. I use these scenes to express the idea of love.


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  1. oalbishri says:

    Hi Yi,
    I think every culture has its way of expressing love, so I somewhat disagree with any generalization of how love looks like. The video and the song are sweet and lovely. I think you did an exquisite job in choosing where to put each scene to timely fit with the song to evoke the suitable emotion. For example, when the singer said “what you’re waiting for”, then the rhythm of the song has accelerated, you input the kissing scenes, which I think it was timed perfectly in your video. Thank you so much for this beautiful video.


  2. I loved this!!! I am a huge fan of romantic movies, whether they be dramas or comedies, and you did such a good job of incorporating all different types of relationships and movies. The music was a good touch because it added such emotion to each of the scenes. It almost felt like a trailer to a real movie, because the music and scenes went so well together. You did a good job of using different expressions of love such a physical contact, eye contact, smiles and kisses to give us a broad view of how people share their feeling with each other. This made me smile.


  3. I am so excited because I saw The Notebook appeared in your video! This is one of my favorite movies. I felt that love is so sweet and warm indeed after I saw your remix work. Also, your video is logical. Eye contact, hand in hand, hugging each other, kissing each other, such emotional expression led us gradually and naturally to get in the atmosphere of love in your video. They pushed the video forward one by one. I love these romantic plots so much. Thank you for bringing this excellent work to us.


  4. Lin'ao Li says:

    The first time when I watched your video, what in my mind was something like “what is this movie? What is that movie? Thanks God, finally there’s one I have watched.” So maybe I will ask you to give me a list of movies you used in your video, I once thought I have watched many Hollywood movies, how dare I thought about it. I think you connected the background music and the content well, to be specific, when it’s time for chorus of the song, the content of the video comes to climax. Another thing I want to discuss with you is that in my perspective it seems like the “love” you referred in you video was just love between couples, but this concept maybe broader than it, like we also have love between parents with children.


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